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I am starting a small business and at the point of selecting a web host to set up a website and need to know which hosts are supported by your sellers to assist with building the website.

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No need to make multiple posts on a similar topic. Fiverr is just a platform for many, many independent sellers. Just a fraction of them read the forums. Your best bet to find a really reputable seller who does website work and contact some directly to find out what options they have.

Just asking on the forum isn’t going to get as many solid responses and what it may get is offers from people who will say that can do pretty much anything and may or may not be able to deliver. I’m not saying there aren’t good sellers on Fiverr because there definitely are, but the forum is more suitable for general discussion than searching for something so specific. Either way, good luck!

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Wait until you have decided on your website designer/creator and then discuss that with them. They may be able to give you some advice on what will suit best.

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There are many web hosting services advertised all over the internet and listed on Google. Any website designer can easily upload your new website to whatever hosting service you choose.

I would not get hosting service directly from any seller on fiverr since they could disappear along with your website and hosting service.

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Hello, I can help you with your issue. I will suggest your to use hostgator/1and1 hosting if you have good budget.

And if you under a small budget then I can suggest your some other good options.

If you are interested. You can contact with me. We can work together with a custom order proposal.


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