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I have been in web design for 3 years. I have developed websites from scratch and from premade designs(PSD, PNG, AI, etc.) I have skill in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Please check out my gigs if you are interested in web page design. I am trying to sell my first gig. Just message me!

Hey man, I need a free custom made website to promote my Network Marketing business. Something like will work. I already signed up for a free account. Once I give you some text and pics, I can upgrade it if I later choose to. Pm me if you’re interested.

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Does anyone have tips to help new sellers sell their first gig? I sure could use some right now!


Hi and welcome.

Use the Forum Search Function and enter the following four phrases;

Seller Start Up Basics

Guide: How to Create and Promote your gigs

Three simple principles to become a great seller!

Good Communication is Key to Success

Oops, sorry. Link has been filtered out. Pm me if you're interested.

starvang, it says for privacy reasons you cannot be contacted directly

Please try to message me if you are able to and recieve this!

Thank you very much,

Friendly Web Guy

Reply to @voiceoverwork:

Thank you for the advice, I will make sure to search those up! I really appreciate the help!!!

hey starvang! I am still willing to do that work for you!