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This is my first Rant… as I have had some really excellent experiences on Fiverr and have given out bonus’s… This one is just so annoying. see seller https: //**. D got back to me initially very fast and I thought I had found another brilliant seller on Fiverr. Then he just went on leave, ok everyone needs leave but I was in the middle of ordering my site :frowning: but decided as he had been so helpful at first I would wait. Then I sent him emails saying welcome back, ready to start, no response. I went in to send him a further email and it came back that he was on leave again for another 60 days. No responses to my emails. How can someone do business like this? I really wished I had already started paying as I would have been able to mark down on his page how bad it really is.
Now to start looking for someone else :frowning:
Very upset.

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Hi Susan,
Sorry to hear that. I understand that it was a waste of time, but sometimes people leave because of unexpected events like last minute travel, sickness, etc… or maybe he’s not into too much work at the moment, maybe he feels bad to reject your order after all this time. so consider it’s a nice way of saying no to your project. There’s a plenty of great web developers out there. good luck! :slight_smile:

I agree with tictac. Yes, you did want to begin work on your project, but as we all know, life can be so unexpected at times. You do not know what may have occurred that would have called for his immediate vacation mode. If he responded to you quickly once, then a delay in response now, may not exactly mean that he is ignoring you.
Also regretting that you hadn’t already paid comes across as selfish. Understand sellers (myself included) have to battle with different time zones. More so when we put our all into our work, it will take time and take away from sleep. So vacations are necessary to some as a reboot/refresh. Again, you nor I know the reason behind his sudden desire for a break.
I concur with TicTac, the site is booming with fantastic developers. Some new and aching for a chance to add to their portfolio. take another look around and see what you can find!
All the best!


It sounds like you had sent him some messages and he then went on vacation. He probably has another job or some other commitments outside of fiverr. He should have told you when you messaged him he would not be available.


Thanks for you response, it’s really appreciated… and sorry for the rant! Yes, he did have a notify me on your return the first time. Which I did and then sent him another email during that time, and still nothing. I agree! Everyone has to earn a living and we all have to work, and I would have used him for other things in the future. Shame really!
Anyway thanks again!