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Webhook API for fiverr (businesses)

Maybe you should add a webhook api for fiverr events for business who want their own integration. Some business dont want to share fiverr login and password.

The webhook will forward events such (as a new order), (a new review attached to an order id), (a tip attached to an order id). This would help in areas of tracking which employees had which orders and how well did they perform.

Also a webhook should add for a message forwarding with the associated order id. So that i can forward the message to my employee on our own private software. I dont want my employees having my fiverr login password.


… or they could all have their own account, which is what Fiverr is set up for …


This is never going to happen.

Fiverr sells your services on your behalf. You don’t get to make integrations. You can only use ones that already exist.

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