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Website Analysis gig


ok so I had a gig where I was bassically making analysis for people that cannot afford to pay 3-5k for seo software like similarweb, semrush, ahrefs and so on…and recently I saw that that gig was banned WTF, WHY?

This is the message that I got:
Third party TOS violation - Your Gig has been flagged by our team following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use. As a valued member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings as this is misleading our buyers.

Is the first time I am experiencing this, a few months ago I could use the service but now not.


Hmm, maybe those online tools you mentioned don’t like when the people having accounts on them use those accounts to resell their services at a cheaper price. Maybe it’s against those tools’ terms to resell their services, and they’ve made a complaint? Make sure you read the terms of use & services of those tools, and if they allow reselling their services, then you can contact Customer Support and show them the proof.