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Website Audits!


Hi there everyone! My name is Jennifer Guenst and I’m a Computer Science student in the southern USA. I have a passion for front end web development and much more. I am also new to the Fiverr community! I have my first gig currently. Details and links are below:

I will audit your website as a professional and as a consumer.
Link: Website Review

Thank you so much everyone! Have a great day and keep doing what you’re doing!

Jennifer Guenst


offering reviews for iOS apps is breaking Apple’s and Fiverr’s ToS and your gig will be taken down soon.


I must’ve looked over that! Thanks for letting me know! I’ll take it down immediately!


I looked at the Gig: Jennifer offers a service of testing and evaluation of websites; something that is legit, and I would say useful. The term “review” can be misinterpreted, but the description of her Gig is quite clear.


It’s called a website audit not a review :wink:


You need to read the unedited message the OP wrote.

There was another gig offering iOS reviews


You are right; thank you for pointing it out, I didn’t look at the edit.


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all of this feedback! Because the term “audit” means to “conduct a systematic review of” and is more clear, I chose to use that term. I edited the original post to be more accurate with the current profile of mine. I apologize for all of the confusion. I’m new to selling on Fiverr so all help, tips, and tricks are greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

Jennifer G.