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Website auto refresh issue!

Hi guys!
Did you notice that fiverr website doesn’t have auto refresh in their coding? If you open the website, get online and didn’t touch for 3 to 4 minuets then you will show offline on the website.
Its a big issue fiverr should fix it. Fiverr website should works like social media website like Facebook, it shows you every time online even you are untouched for an hour and shows you notifications also.

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Why do you think it’s a big issue? It can be skipped easily if you restart your page. But, I agree with you! :wink: It would be much easier if auto-refreshing is available just like on other platforms. You can contact CS (Fiverr Customer Support) and explain to them, they may fix it in future update:


Its a bug literally because no one have much time to waste on refresh again and again

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Because it’s such hard work to press F5 every few minutes? :wink:

The whole point of the ‘showing online and being active’ green thingy (when it works) is that you are actually online and active! :slightly_smiling_face:


Also, sometimes when I reply to a client, I see that he/she is online, but after I refresh, I see that the client was online long ago :sleeping: , and that’s why not answering.

its really a biggest issue and bug …you will also be unable to see custom offers till you refresh page after every 5 minutes. so it need to be updated.