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I am not happy at all with the design of my website that was by a Fiveer Seller. I am willing to pay more but I don’t want to keep “trying” to find the right person. I am looking for a clean looking site. 5 Pages in total. I have the content and images ready to go as well as examples of sites/templates that I like. Any suggestions on who to use?

Did you contact the seller before you placed your order? And did that seller have lots of samples of actual websites that they have created? HOw did you evaluate who to use?

And how much did you pay to have your 5 page website designed? Did you try more than one seller?

Could you please contact me in my profile, i’m interested in this job.


Hello there!
You can contact me for that matter.


Honestly, for $5, what did you really expect? I’m asking this as a ws designer. If someone is willing to make your ws without any perks and not really charge for the labor, they probably aren’t a designer. Anyone with the right knowledge can have a website up and running in 15 minutes. But the actual design process takes time if you want something nice. As a website designer, I would hire someone on fiverr to put my websites up for me and save me time. But I wouldn’t expect them to do the actual design work for that amount.