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Website gigs theft

I like technology, I write articles on technology. I like creating websites, back in the old html on notepad days.

So I created a website for la cucaracha. Someone took a shot of it and put it as sample of his work for HIS Fiverr gig.

So someone looking at the screenshot looked at the url on the screenshot. Went to the site.

I have my name on that website’s credit: Website maintained by Miroslav Glavic.

Which links to my site, which has my contact information. That someone that was looking for someone to do his website contacted me and mentioned this. I thanked him. Message the Fiverr seller nutjob. After a while…screenshot is gone and a few days later the username is gone. Maybe he deleted account and created a new one or got banned (I never contacted fiverr staff).

What’s a nice way to say: “Don’t f*** with me”? Don’t claim that MY shit is YOUR shit. EVER!. :grin:

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yes, it happen to me many time.
but as long as your gig offer quality content, it last longer.
and soon copy gig will be removed and banned.