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Website not work

Dear Friends,

A old buyer given me second time work, :- Website to excel data entry, but after one day website is not working, i informed to buyer and increase the delivery date by 5 days, buyer also understand and accept all issue,
But the website is not working till and no work is completed,
If i and buyer will want to cancel the order in future… what is the best way in this case…


it is good to contact with support. if they don’t then offer your buyer something else. if no way then cancel it via mutual agreement

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If you work from a cached version of the web pages in archive . org or Google cache you could do that. Otherwise you could see if they can extend the deadline again or cancel.

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Yes, i just contact to CS, but require all reply should fast, because second time(extend delivery time will going to end)

no catch related issue, because i have checked different PC with different internet connection… buyer also agreed.

I mean if the web pages you wanted to access were stored in the google cache (or achive . org) you could access them there while the site itself isn’t working. That may not be possible depending on what needs doing though.

OK, i try from catch (old catches, when site was working), but it shown attached

That’s not from Google cache or archive . org though. Have you looked in either of those? Like I said though, it might not work (eg. if you needed every page for something and not every page is in the cache or the cache is too out of date).

Since the domain has expired a few days (expired on 8th Sep 2020) it might be that the site owners aren’t going to continue with the site, in which case you might be best asking for the buyer to cancel. Unless like has been suggested you can see if they would want data entry from a different site (I’m assuming the cache method isn’t going to be workable).

Cancellation would affect your business for sure,
Its better to extend delivery time…
Ask your buyer for expected time for the website to be back and extend accordingly!
If he says 10 days, add 10 + time may need to do your Job + couple of extra days to play safe !

thanks, but already extended two times 5 + 4 = 9 days,