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Website (outside fiverr) of tutorials for buyers

I created a ticket with fiverr support for this and looks like due to covid they are busy and I have not heard anything since 4 days so am asking in forum (maybe someone knows about it)

Q. The services that I offer often require me to educate my customers about things. So quick responses or chatting is not enough to explain. Eg. If I need to educate my buyer how to shoot the video or how to set me up in their facebook business manager for these things at least 50% buyers need me to explain like a video tutorial.
So I wanted to know do we have any option on fiverr where I can create a video tutorials and share with clients?
If not then can I create a website of own with tutorial videos and explanations?
Sharing individual youtube videos will not help also as I need 1 place where I can list all the common questions which can be accessed in the form of video tutorials.
Of course I will not mention any contact info on the website. My orders will go through fiverr only.
Please let me know what’s fiverr policies regarding this.


Yes, Whenever You Have Something Like That
Make Use Of ZOOM You Can Do Training There And Do Screen Record

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Yes @teamtech_itman is right…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Zoom calls will be best if I have a $500 service and provided the client and I both are available at the same time. For simple gigs like mine and global clients this won’t be the best option.
Imagine you had to do a zoom call to answer my query :slight_smile: it would have been so difficult.

I actually received a reply from CS. They said I can’t create a website but I can create a blogspot (blogger) account. Well isn’t that the same thing except that website is paid and blogspot is free.
I am waiting for their confirmation and if they reply I will use blogspot.

Thanks !!!