Website Portfolio?


Hey guys,
Many of my clients ask for my recent portfolio of my work.
I have a personal website where I have a portfolio of my recent work. Is it okay to send that link to my clients?

Any idea?



Yes, of course. You can share your link with your clients and that’s OK. But you need to contact with clients only via Fiverr website or app and not using other communications software.

But it’s OK to share your portfolio with clients which are interested to see your work.


It’s ok for the moment so share it peacefully.


Make sure your portfolio is on one of these sites:


But that’s only for Gig description and Profile because when you discuss with clients you can share link of product also. For example if you create an website you can share link of website you created with client :slight_smile:



You might be allowed to do it, but only if that website contains no information that would allow the buyer to contact you outside of Fiverr.