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Website wrecked

Bought a premium gig website creation Wordpress 6 months ago Things started breaking down The theme couldn’t be updated I have now discovered the seller is unqualified despite stating qualified developer etc.Now left with major headache
Any advice??

Any idea what method was used to build the theme? was it custom built / or did they use a page builder i.e. divi / elementor?
You might need somebody to dig in and fix it up but it will likely be a pain in the ass if it has been built badly. Alternatively get someone to build you a clean new theme/site… cough… :stuck_out_tongue:


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Your best bet is to accept you probably need a do over.

Before you do that, however, get someone to check it can’t be fixed - it may be a question of updating, checking for conflicts - even rolling back to a configuration that worked at some point.

If, however, you have a cracked theme that’s now a security issue or something … a do over is the way to go.

When looking for help (by using the main site search), make sure you look at reviews … and don’t just pick the cheapest. Bear in mind that cheap may turn out to be expensive again.

Good luck.