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Does anyone have a seperate website that they promote their fiverr gig on? I was thinking about purchasing a domain after the new year and starting a simple website that would run along with my Fiverr Family Tree gig… Any ideas would be helpful


Since Fiverr is just one of the places that I work - and offer my services at a discounted rate - I won’t offer my services on my website once I set up my website over the coming month (at the moment I’m working on another site that has been in planning stages for some months and can only really do one thing at a time). I have linked to my Fiverr on my blog in the past but I’m not too sure how successful it’s been. I wrote a post about online writing and the importance of having high quality content and why hiring someone could be a good idea and then included the link to my Fiverr site.

I know of one seller who created a blog specifically for his Fiverr gigs and then promoted other sellers within it too that offered something that would work with his gig. It’s another one that I’m not sure how well it worked and I’m not sure whether he keeps it going (I found out about it through the LinkedIn group and then left that group) but I thought I’d give my two pence :slight_smile:


Yep. I have a squeeze page for my most popular gig. I just started a new site specifically for promoting other sellers’ gigs that I find cool.


I have a website with my videos, its like a showcase with descriptions.

There are links to my Fiverr profile in the website, so interested people can go through the link and buy anything they prefer from my Fiverr gigs. I have created this website to promote my fiverr gigs and to boost my sales also.


Reply to @work_in: The layout sounds cool. :slight_smile:


I do as well, and plan to create a separate site for each gig I create in the future. The home page of my site is a full sales page with the same video that I’ve added to my gig here on Fiverr and links to the Fiverr gig page as well as icons to share the page across the most popular social networks. I also have a full FAQ, an about page that acts as a mini resume and a full blog related to various topics in my industry. It’s self-hosted and there are no ads of any kind so that I don’t distract my visitors from the main goal, which is to head on over here and hopefully purchase a gig or 2. There’s a thread about creating / using sales pages for your gigs that @oldbittygrandma started some time ago. You might want to check it out. Most of the links posted have been removed by this time, but it still holds some great advice and a chance to see how some others are doing it.

Based on some testing I’m doing, you might try purchasing a domain specific to what you’re offering in your gig or that contains your Fiverr username. This might help a small bit with SEO. The search engines seem to really like sites that are very indepth about 1 particular topic, rather than cramming a bunch of different topics (or in this case products / services) onto one site. Hence why I plan to create a separate site for each gig. Interested to see how this will work.

As a random thought, with Pinterest gaining so much popularity in business I’ve seen a few layouts that mimic the “pin board” layout. If someone were to create one website for all of their gigs, it might be cool use a layout like this featuring the images and videos from your Fiverr gigs. A little more visual…which might capture more interest!


Reply to @musiclover: That’s cool of you, to promote other gigs you find interesting! I’ve been considering creating a new board on Pinterest for the same thing. You’ve inspired me…


Reply to @guruofbacklinks: I’m glad. I too was inspired (by OBG), that’s what made me create the website. Buying a specific domain name for your gig definitely helps. I rank #1 for “QR Mobile Resume”. I use an auto responder to capture their email (double-in), then it sends them to a page that tells them to sign up for fiverr and order my gig. I have two other domains for two other gigs but I haven’t began building them yet. :slight_smile:


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I have several websites where I promote my gigs and others. I don’t participate in many other sites because they generally look like sites with nothing but links on them and in my opinion no one is reading those sites or links. If someone happens to click on them (creating traffic that rarely turns into sales) those links are rarely clicked on. I personally back right back out of them when I click on them.

My site doesn’t consist of a constant stream of links I’m advertising, I take the time and have individual post for an item or gig.


Reply to @musiclover: Congrats on the #1 ranking & good luck with your other sites! You’ll have to post screen shots when you’re done (if allowed).

I am on the cusp of officially launching. Website’s all set and optimized but haven’t begun my various promo tasks yet. Excited to be starting that today (now that my video has finally been approved)!


Reply to @newopp: That’s a smart move. I think most customers are numb to the constant advertisement anyway. Blogging about the features and benefits of your gigs is likely much more beneficial than posting your link of tons of other sites.

What I plan to do currently is have a satellite site for each gig with its own blog. Most of the blog will be about topics related to the industry / category of the gig. I’ve created a specific category for posts related to the gig and plan to write a post for the base gig and then separate posts for each each gig extra as they launch. That way I don’t have to feel like I have to pack everything about the gig into one post and it won’t feel as salesy to me. I’m also toying with the idea of having a category for reviews for related gigs I purchase in the future (though I probably won’t list seller usernames or give links in the post…will likely just be reviews about the service and category in general. The hope (however ambitious) is to build a “community” of sorts around each gig.


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Reply to @vedmak: I hear ya. They have a section for “suggestions” here and on their support page, but I often wonder what are they doing with it because they haven’t improved anything in months. I truly hope things get better.


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I have a number of domains with blogs on them because I’ve been active on the web for a very long time. These have mostly been sending traffic adsense or clickbank. Now I’ve found Fiverr is much more productive and personally satisfying too. As fast as I’m able, I’m adding links to my fiverr gigs as central focus. Why sell clicks for pennies a pop when you can $5 or more for those potential customers.


Reply to @vedmak: I hope you’re right.


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Reply to @vedmak: :slight_smile:


NO, I have not yet!