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Can someone help me I need someone to build a website to me.

You’ve asked this kind of thing on the forums before, and I believe it was recommended to you to use the Fiverr search engine to find sellers who do this. The forums aren’t a substitute for either “Buyer Requests” or using the search engine or browsing the appropriate categories yourself.

i can help you :slight_smile: all you have to do is go to the search bar and put " create website " however be very carefull :slight_smile: always look for trusted sellers.

I myself know how to make websites , phpscripts , mysql , wp , phpfox,social engine and other stuff. However i dont offer those services here on fiverr because right now i only focus on cookie cutter gigs

. I will suggest you look around the place you live for any company that will provide those kind of services.

Best of luck