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this is the worst website ever, it is hard to find your way around, the modification button disappears and I do not know where it goes, no chat line, no contact person for help. Do not ask a “help” question because it takes you completely out of Fiverr and then you have to exit out and go back in. I have the hardest time pulling up my gigs…ugh. I am so frustrated with this website. I won’t use it again. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

Hello kingz1209, this site isn’t hard to use at all. Give it some time and you will get used to it. When I ask a “help” question it opens up a second browser on my screen, but usually the first browser is still open so that when I close the help section I still see the first browser. It might be just a matter of practicing with it until you get used to it.

Go to the Fiverr Academy, start reading those articles, keep experimenting, and eventually you’ll get used to it.

Fiverr isn’t that hard compared to other websites.