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Wedding planning gig

Hi I was wondering if anyone would be willing to view my gigs and tell me if it needs any improvements? I’ve had 4 clients and none of which left reviews.

What do I need to do?


Noticed you don’t have any FAQs. So here’s one:

What’s the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding assistant?


My only thought is that you are charging just $10 for what will be a very customer focussed and highly time intensive gig. $10? In the real world any kind of hands on wedding assistant / planning job would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Maybe you are too cheap for people to believe in you?

Actually, another quick thought - you’ve titled your forum post ‘Wedding planning gig’ but the gig itself is titled ‘I will be your virtual wedding assistant’. The two services are very different. I’m confused by this, so maybe some of you potential clients will be confused about what it is you are offering for just $10. Seriously, after Fiverr commission it is the cost of a couple of take out coffees.


I typed “wedding planner” in the Fiverr search bar and there were only 48 services available. Most had no reviews.

Not many buyers seem to want this service on Fiverr.


Thank you kindly john for your feedback. I’ll consider changing the price. However, I usually do that once I’ve built clientele. People usually turn to Fiverr for a more affordable option. I wouldn’t think of charging $100 - $1k on this site. $75 would be the most that I’ll charge because I’m wanting to provide an affordable option for the penny pinching d.i.y. bride & groom. :+1:t5:

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@jalissacarter a couple of ideas could be:

  • more details in the description, in order to already deliver a pretty concrete idea of the service
  • record a video and use the current images only as a portfolio slides
  • add more gig extras (but not only for the purpose of adding options, but to actually deliver a more articulated service)
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There is a wedding planner in Italy, in Lake Major, SpazioBianco Wedding planner lago maggiore. You should ask her, they have been actively doing the same gig.