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Week 1 - I got my post DELETED!

Well some of you might have read my previous topic about me quitting a job to start freelancing.

It is already 7 days since i made my first gigs and I still have 0 orders.

However I’ve got over 300 views and like 100 clicks but other than that it is not going really well.

I was hoping to get at least ONE order in a WEEK but nope. No order.

So what did I do to improve it?

I lowered the prices of the gig at the price that nobody would do that for that low amount of money - so let’s see how will this strategy work!

And although 99% of the people who engaged with my topics were friendly I’ve got one comment in my topic deleted. I was only referring to my gigs and asked for a feedback for them and it was flagged as spamming :confused:

How are you guys doing?


One week is too soon.

But, I see 5 different categories you are offering, some only loosely related: logo, photo, translation, wriitng, management. Its hard for a customer to believe that you are good in all of that. What is your favorite thing from this 5? You should concentrate on that.


Hi Zoey, I don’t think I’ve read topics or posts by you before but if a post of yours was flagged as spamming, you might have posted it in someone else’s thread and/or the wrong forum category. You can create a topic to ask for feedback for your gigs in the “Improve my Gig” category and it’s only allowed to post links to our gigs there, or in the “My Fiverr gigs” category, the other forum categories aren’t for “advertising” our gigs.

Don’t fret too much about forum flags, I got quite a few for off-topic and I don’t think all of them were deserved, although some certainly were if someone wanted to see it strictly. Just make yourself acquainted with the forum rules and etiquette, use the correct categories when posting, and you shouldn’t have too many issues.

7 days isn’t that long really for when you started something new, and you can find forum posts by people who only got their first order several weeks or even months after they started, so there’s still hope. Some people also said they started but didn’t do much for their success and at a later time decided to take things more seriously and then had some breakthrough.

Lowering your prices can go both ways, you might get orders, or people might not order because they think it’s too good to be true, so it probably is (=the quality might not be there to make it worth paying even a small price).


Well except from translation I think they are well related. Honestly my favorite is photoshop, logo and writing since that is the most creative part and social media management + all the before I thought it was a good combination.

But I also wanted to utilize the benefits of being trilingual and that’s why I made the translation gig. And was kinda fishing for an order.

Hm, not sure. Yes they are all creative, but there is a long way to go from logo to writing script, for ex. There is long way to go from logo to photography even.

I was thinking about the same when I got to fiverrr at the beginning. I thought I’ll ad translation as an offer to increase my chances. But the best way is to chose one thing that you prefer and become an expert in that. When you concentrate on one thing you progress much faster. Of course, having TWO favorites is ok. But 5? I don’t think so

This only my opinion and advice.


I completely agree with audioboon there. I can understand if someone feels they are talented in several different areas that they want to offer all of that but if you think about it from buyers’ perspective … would you buy from a seller who has gigs in so many different areas or rather from a seller who seems to be specialising in one field?

It’s your decision, of course, it might work.


Oh thank you a lot for this comment it was really helpful! :slight_smile:

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Well, thank you for the feedback I appreciate it! I will consider deleting the translation and script gig.

To me photography and logo are close, since Photoshop and Illustrator have very similar workspace and I can make logo in both of those.

The problem is, I graduated Media studies uni and I studied all of it :smiley: Photography, designing, writing, video and management and I’m really confident in those since I also have work experience. It’s hard for me to pick just some of it :frowning:


Yep for sure it makes sense I will try to optimse my profile. It’s really difficult for me to choose since I know I can do all of the things I offer on a professional level.

In that case, I’d suggest dropping “as a hobby” from your profile, buyers may feel less confidence in buying your gigs if they think it’s “just” a hobby.


No one should EVER quit their daytime job! There are too many sellers on Fiverr! They rotate our gigs so one week we may be doing well. Then it’s the next guy’s turn next week and we’re back at the bottom of the list again. It took me three months before I got my first order, than another five before I got any decent-paying clients. I have yet to have one year where I was able to solely support myself on Fiverr income. It’s great for extra cash for this or that, but not for your main source of income.


Dear, first of all be patience!!! You are here in open market place and you are not only one, hundreds of people join fiverr at a time, and keep one thing in your mind In no any business no one can get profit in some days! People spent there much time and after a great struggle success may come, and it is your business!
You are new here and you are looking for to get order per week? Buyers are not in your hands they have alot of experienced sellers to hire, first you have to proof your self and one day you will start receiving order as you are thinking, but it need alot of time and patience.

For improvement and suggestions, read the below article hope it will help you. Good Luck!


Haha too late for that :smiley: But honestly I was really frustrated at my daytime job and I just had to stop. what have you been doing to get your first order?

I’ve been on the site for six years now. I don’t think I did anything to get my first order other than work on my gigs, gig photos, and profile. But of course I’ve updated them through the years.