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Week 2 at my full-time school job

After two weeks of being at my job, I have to say I still love it… more so than ever! I can cut up with the boss and still do what she needs me to. This job was meant for me! I am ecstatic about my position.

I ended up getting some training on the program I needed for my job yesterday. Once I was able to get through the first two batches, it was easy from there. This was good because I tackled most of what I needed to get done. Next Monday, I plan on going in there and getting the second batch of the files done to input into the computer.

Next week is the first week of school officially for the students. And, I look forward to seeing the youngsters’ faces. Yesterday, I ran into one of my UHI kids at Wal-Mart and let her know that I wasn’t returning to the kitchen. She was sad but when I told her why, she just said Ms. Susan, that’s great news. Congratulations! It’s gonna be hard to leave my UHI kids but I know this is best… in all kinds of ways.

So happy to be doing what I’m doing.

On top of that, I made it to the gym three times this week. (I’m finally back down to 157). I have been eating healthier, and even though my job is secretarial, I still find myself up and about, which means I’m burning calories.

Now, with this day off, I have two projects I want to take care of today and get a third started.

And, this weekend, we have the Skillet concert! with the meet and greet I am SO READY!


Thank you to all my Fiverrian friends for all your well wishes and good vibes. Y’all are really missed. I don’t have near the time I used to. 3 a.m. mornings make for long days, but I’m game.


I am glad things are going well for you @emeraldawnn. Enjoy the kids next week!

What is a UHI kid?

Lol, our school secretary was so busy running around our small school to deliver messages and whatnot that she got a headphone to answer calls while she was out of her office.

One time she was talking to a teacher and forgot where she was and flushed the toilet! :toilet: :blush:. There was a silence and then the teacher asked, “Where are you?” :thinking:

Our secretary was soooo glad she had not been talking to a parent! :scream_cat:


UHI stands for University Heights Intermediate. It’s no longer the name of the school as of this year BUT, and the new name - a magnet school - is a mouthful. It’ll still be UHI to me…

That’s funny about the school secretary. I don’t think I need to worry about that. But, I do find something interesting! The principal and teachers love texting, so of course, my phone blows up every time there is a group chat. Literally, just a few minutes ago, my phone was blowing up for 10 minutes with texts about what to wear next week for the first week of classes.

And, all I could think of is… CLOTHES! LOL.

I wish we could have shirts made for our school.

The reality is… Its so cool to be a part of the group and not taken advantage of!


I did it. I asked John Cooper of skillet if I could touch his beard. And he let me. I’m so excited.


I soooo wish I could attend one.

That’s the dream. How majestic was it?


Omg. It was so nice. I asked him, telling him that someone I know wanted to do that and would he object. He said go for it. So so soft. And Kori was nice about it too. I don’t think I’m gonna wash my hands any time soon… JK folks


Ahhhhhh that sounds so amazing!!! Congratulations girl! Someday I’ll have the oppertunnity as well…someday…hopefully.


I am happy to hear this! Are you having a good week now that the kiddos are there?

So, you are a rockaholic! I am too. I much prefer rock to country which is widely prevalent where I live. Rocking the Rivers, a three-day campout outdoor rock show was this weekend. My sons went to see Zakk Wylde and his group. They said it was amazing. (note:Zakk has a beard too!)


Hey, Emerald! It’s so nice to hear you’re doing amazing. :sunglasses: Congrats on your weightloss. I’ve been working out like a beast lately. I changed my diet completely this summer. :sun_behind_small_cloud: Gotta keep this figure right hehe. Cheers! :tropical_drink:


@izekornelson you need to make your own post to ask that question. It is against Forum rules to spam other posters threads with an irrelevant question.

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