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Weekdays are include on delivery calculation

I have spotted many bugs on the fiverr site, but this one it affects my rating …

I was creating a offer of one of my gig with 3 days delivery. This at a late hour of 27 February, the due date of the order (as shown by fiverr) was 3 March (as if the weekdays were not calculated).

Since then the countdown has never stopped and now, on Sunday, the delivery date has arrived.

There is not much to debate. bug

in any case from now on I will consider the weekdays in the orders delivery time (the situation here not seems be much responsive, at least not by fiverr)


Interesting. I have one order that autocompleted yesterday evening, right on time.

Another order that was both created and delivered on February 24th is still active. The revision was requested twice, first time on 27th, second time less than 12 hours ago. It for sure was supposed to autocomplete days ago either way. I was surprised to receive revision request yesterday.

From what I understand, your issue is a bit different than mine but something funny is definitely happening time/countdown and I’ve just noticed.


And I actually had a revision that didn’t go through. My client said that she submitted a revision but it wasn’t showing there and she noticed that only after she received an email that order was autocompleted

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