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Weekends & Holidays (Tis the season to buy)

I’ve had this discussion before but thought I’d bring it up again because it varies slightly.

Having a full time job and part time freelancing job, I do most of my 5r “shopping” over the weekends & holidays. Unfortunately, because that’s the time where I gather all my needs & requirements, it’s the best time for me to place my orders.

For me, placing orders are more time consuming than accepting orders.

I guess I rarely think about the fact you all need your weekend & family time too. I dunno, maybe it’s because I’m online often.

This is a holiday weekend in US. That being said, with the emergence of other threads about freelancers needing time off (Perfectly understand that), how about doing a poll for me?

  • I work 7 days, but prefer to get orders Mon-Fri
  • I work 7 days, I’m good getting orders at anytime
  • I only work 5 days
  • Other, 4th option, list below

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Just for fun, 2nd poll

  • I wish buyers would contact me before ordering
  • I wish buyers would stop contacting me & just order
  • I wish buyers would just read the darn description & stop asking me redundant questions
  • I don’t care, I just like taking polls

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Some years ago all my gigs had a line stating “please contact me before ordering to avoid any misunderstandings” - then I made it bolder, yellower, UPPERCASED it out of desperation - none of those worked, so I realized it’s useless to keep trying. I’ve even conducted my own experiments: most people just don’t read descriptions - heck, some don’t even read the title :smirk:

So yeah, I wish they’d read what they buy. For I doubt they go to the grocery store and blindly put stuff in their carts to later ask for a refund after they’ve already paid, because “it wasn’t what they wanted” :grimacing:

As for the first poll, I almost voted the “7 but prefer Mon-Fri”, then changed my mind because I’ve been working 7 days a week for the last 7 years, no holidays/vacations/weekends except when ill or had family issues, so… I don’t know, I’ve gotten used to this way of working…


I am a retired teacher. During the school year, I substitute teach 2-3 days a week and play with my three-year-old grandson one day a week.

I started on Fiverr in July to supplement my income. At that time I was available to work seven days a week as I was hoping to build my freelance business because I do not enjoy leaving my nice warm home and fireplace in winter. Since school started back up, I changed my gig delivery time so that I only have an easy one that offers 24-hour delivery. The others I ask for a 2-4 day delivery time. That way if I need time to complete the order, I will have it.

I would like only to work five days of the week, any five days, but for now, I am willing to work seven if needed. (Which I don’t because my Fiverr work is not plentiful). For winter is coming and I want to build my Fiverr business so I can work by the fireplace :fire: this winter. :cloud_with_snow: (Which I recently heard IS coming.)


I don´t mind the day.

It´s just that...

  • I don’t care, I just like taking polls - - - was a joke, I wasn’t expecting any votes. :grin::joy::rofl: I’m glad people here have a sense of humor.

@vickiespencer, I wondered if part time freelancers would prefer weekend orders. I considered putting that as an option. I have more time to do my side job on Sat, Sun, hence, I’m on the forum way more over weekend vice weekdsy.


I have not had enough Fiverr experience to have an opinion, but I wanted to take the poll. :nerd_face:


Other, 4th option

My work schedule is very erratic at the moment. No day is the same (unfortunately).

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I used to not care whether the buyers contacted me or not, they could just place the order anytime, no problem etc, but recently I do appreciate if they contacted me first to let me know how big of a project they have in mind and how quickly they need it etc so I can plan things around that.
Some people just place orders with the basic $5 order by “mistake” when clearly it is a $50 gig, so by having people contact me and asking for a quote I can save a lot of time and not cancel a lot of gigs.

Since Monday and Tuesday is my day off, I’d rather not work on gigs on those days so I personally appreciate it when people ask for orders between Wed- Sun…but I guess the bottom line is as long as I get orders I shouldn’t really complain…

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Awwwwwwwwe, one thing I REALLY miss about living in the states is the fireplace!!! :sob:


Here’s what I do: wake up, check out how the nation is doing, write articles, check out how the nation is doing, write articles, check out how the nation is doing, write articles, eat something in between, go out for coffee once, check out how the nation is doing, write articles, sleep [and watch football and cricket whenever it’s on]. 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That reminds me your articles are due next week. :sunglasses:

[On Reflection: I need to stop checking out how the nation is doing, the nation has been around for 5,000 years and will be around for 5,000 years more. So better start exercising and focus on increasing my productivity. But I have said that a million times before. Over and out, 4 done,13 articles left today.]


I work 7 days a week. And i like that buyer first contact me then place the order

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