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Do you work on weekends or hit parties? :slight_smile:


Reply to @fonthaunt: Yeah sometimes I feel like I’m abnormal. Then I just forget that as well :))


Usually on the weekends I enjoy the beaches and the sun here in Mexico :wink: Always checking Fiverr every now and then though to keep my 1-hour response time!


Reply to @vectormoon: I agree!


what’s a weekend ? What day is it today ? I have to check the computer or mobile every time I want to know what day or date it is.


Reply to @kay2809: well, weekend is the days when, week ends… Monday and Tuesday :wink:


Reply to @kay2809: I’m like that too. If my computer skipped a month it might take me a bit to notice! Even if I didn’t work 7 days a week, I’d spend time with family over “partying.” I am thinking wild and crazy today as there is a folk music thing that I am actually considering!


I just do work full week. only my team enjoy weekend… I just to love to do work work and only work. still doing that. and always work hard to make my response rate to 1 hour.


Work smart, party hard B-)


Reply to @mallika255: Workaholic haa!! :slight_smile:


Reply to @kay2809: I just accept that I’m abnormal, it’s much easier. :smiley:


Reply to @kay2809: Same here.


I find that weekends are a good time to catch up. I was reaching the point where I would get so many orders that I would have to put myself on vacation. But then I withstood the pressure one week and hung in there, and actually found that around Friday evening, the orders trickled off. With some breathing room, I was able to catch up while still keeping my workflow going at a steady pace. This way, I break a grand each month, maybe with some stamina I can start cranking 1.5k. We’ll see. Thing, am I violating any TOS?