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Weekly Pay Out During Quarantine

Hi Everyone!
Considering what the world is going through due to COVID-19, people being out of work, unemployment covering just a portion of our needs (but very helpful), etc, etc, etc.

Has anyone heard if Fiverr is considering to pay out the non-TRS seven days out… instead of 14 days (after Seller submits completed)?
Anyone talks on that?


This has been asked and discussed previously. I doubt this will happen because it goes against the way Fiverr has structured their level benefits. One of the biggest benefits of being a TRS is that TRS’s have 7-day fund clearance. If Fiverr allowed everyone to have 7-day clearance (regardless of the reason), it would destroy their standard 14-day security clearance time-frame, and it would negate a valuable benefit of Fiverr’s highest seller level (thereby making that level largely pointless).

14-day clearance is an integral part of Fiverr’s platform. I doubt it will change just because some people want to get paid faster due to current events. If you’re willing to wait 7-days, you can wait seven more days beyond that for 14-day clearance.


Interesting, but I haven’t heard anything.

they can do 5 day clearance for TRS and 7 day for rest of the peeps :slight_smile: