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Weird behavior of a client

Recently i got an order and I offered 1 revision
After i delivered it
Client said they nees revision as per the quality and changed the script
When I delivered again
Againnn she came up with a new script and other changes.
She doesn’t even come online, just once a day.
I offered 1 revision and now it’s been the 5th time she changed the script and coming with new changes
I should have stop working on this but I’m afraid of a bad review
Last time i got a bad review
This time i don’t want to mess all
What can i do if she again come with another changes!!
I don’t wanna get affected again!


One possible solution can be to contact the support and explain to them your situation.You can ask them to cancel the order in that way your order completion rate will not go down. I hope it helps.


Thank you so much for your reply,
Will they actually help? Because they always sees the buyer’s side!

It depends on your explanation. You are not offering unlimited revisions,right? In that case the Buyer is asking more from you. You can give it a try, if you think you
can’t satisfy him/her with your work.
Do wait for other freelancers suggestions too.


This is not weird behaviour - it’s outrageous!

Just say no - explain to the buyer they have used up the revisions included with their order and now all revisions will incur an additional fee. Raise a customized offer.

Don’t do any more free work.


I’m just afraid of a bad impression :frowning:

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The impression you’re giving at the moment is that you’re a soft touch.

This is your business … and you need to set boundaries.


This indeed works, but the things you say as a seller should be valid. for an example as you said in this scenario, once they (cs) read the conversation between you and the buyer, they should realize that you delivered what you promised and the problem is totally from the buyers end. In that case definitely they will make the refund without affecting your order completion rating or just close the resolution by completing the order by themselves.

Just say no directly to her.
As you mentioned revisions are already exhausted then you’re had completed your part of the agreement.
Charge her for all the revisions she request else you would found yourself trapped in the revision cycle to avoid the ratings.

CS do help. They don’t favor anyone.
But they would take 10 days or so to respond.


You are afraid of bad impression, but not afraid of losing money because this is what you are doing right now.


I’m afraid of bad rating because the last one affected a lot my profile.

I also got a buyer like this…
1st of all don’t visit customer support they always help buyers not sellers! :expressionless:


Hey, what did you do?

If you are going to be afraid of bad rating then you will always be stuck with doing a lot of free work.
You either need to learn to say no or you can keep being afraid and being a prisoner of your own fear and you will keep doing free work.

I say no quite often to my buyers. (Of course it’s not a “no, I can’t”. It’s a whole communication and process of me politely with no aggression explaining things.) and none of the buyers whom a said no left a bad review. All of them were still satisfied and respectful of my time and my work because I was respectful and polite explaining What’s included and what’s not.


It’s not right to say that CS always support buyers. I’m a seller with a positive experience.

We read a lot in the forums from sellers who say CS sided with the buyer. However, I have noticed that many (but not all) of the sellers who then tell their story in the forums really do struggle with telling it with any brevity, impartiality, or indeed clear language.

In these cases I suspect that the seller isn’t as innocent as they make out. If their post in the forum is rambling and contains errors, then their work for the buyer was likely to be the same (which led to the complaint), and then their complaint to CS is likely to be just as bad.

If a seller has a fair complaint against a buyer, and can explain that succinctly to CS, then I have every confidence that CS will be fair and impartial in reaching a decision.


Why are you connecting how well the sellers speaks English with the CS response or the client satisfaction. First of all, FIVERR is in every country in the world and buyers come from every country in the world. Work is not done exclusively in English since many buyers look for other languages for market research, voice over, social media etc.
If the seller doesn’t speak well in English, how can you connect that with a sellers’ attitude and satisfaction, do you have the information that the order was done in English?
Second, 99% of people here are not native in English…
Third, when something bad happen, this affects your language when you write because you fell bad.


I see your point, but I would agree with @english_voice on this one.
It’s been almost 2 years that I read complains from sellers on this forum and oh boy, most of them is so hard to understand because of bad English. And if we can understand it with our collective mind then most likely one CS agent (who also have KOI’s on how fast they resolve the issue) wouldn’t spend 10 days trying to understand what they are saying and what’s the issue. And that reduces their chances of resolution in sellers favour.

The same with clients. If you don’t understand your client or client can’t understand you then also most likely you will deliver something different from what client asked.

English is not the first language for a lot of people and fiverr is an international platform and that’s why fiverr even wrote in their rules that to be selling on fiverr you have to speak English, all your communication should be in English and your gig descriptions also should be in English.


I also received similar behaviour from one buyer. I reported for a follow up to fiverr team. The issue was marked resolved but I still can’t believe that a buyer could do such a thing. He received my service and then asked for revisions continuously where he didn’t have any logical reason to disregard my service. I had to close the issue on mutual consent but I still can’t believe he did that to me. 3 days of work and time spent was unpaid for.

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This happens. Just contact the customer support, tell them what you were offering in the gig and what you delivered, and what the buyer is doing. Tell him how you are trying to satisfy the buyer and what the buyer is doing. The CS will for sure help you. They have helped me, so i am sure for you as well

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Because this is an English language website. Therefore to be able to use this site effectively, to clearly understand buyer instructions, to deliver excellent results, and to express yourself concisely in the event of a dispute - you have to be able to use English at a high level. Fiverr clearly state this is an English language marketplace.

If you read my post, I never linked sellers’ attitude to their language. I was making the point that if you can’t communicate effectively in English, then you are far more likely to have dissatisfied clients - as communication will be a barrier. You only need to read some of the forum posts to see this - there are some sellers who can barely write a coherent sentence in English.

To be clear this is absolutely 100% NOT about race or country of origin. Totally not. It is simply about having the ability to clearly communicate in English. As a seller you can’t expect to trade on an English language website if you can’t communicate clearly in English. It makes no sense. I wouldn’t dream of signing up to a French or Spanish website for example, even though I speak a little of those languages, just because I know my skills in those languages aren’t good enough.