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Weird Buyer - After Delivery filing Dispute over Dispute

Yes, its really bad to see scammers ruining people’s business. No place for trust and loyality these days :frowning:

It happened to me 3 times during last month alone. That, combined with people that don’t read the descriptions and just place massive orders that are 2-3-5 times over my word count limit are the reason why I have a lot of cancellations every month.

May I ask what was the service / Gig you delivered? Just out of curiosity.

I don’t know if i am allowed to talk my gig / services here.

I have no faith on the terms, what are against terms and what are with terms on fiverr :(.

Just it is about seo, and getting result with seo.

After i got him result, he is trying to get the refund.

In my case or the person that wrote this thread? I am a writer myself.

I am sorry for confusion, I meant the OP.

The OP said they are offering SEO services.

If you’ve delivered once, then (to the best of my knowledge) the ‘LATE’ doesn’t matter. Decline the cancellation. Redeliver the order.
Did the order come with any revisions? If so, every time you decline, you can add “You still have X revisions left on this order. Please let me know what change is wanted.”

When you reached out to CS, did you ask them to reach out to the buyer, or did you only say they weren’t responding? How did you phrase your ticket?
(You can share screenshots here, as long as you don’t share the buyer’s username. This might help us to help you.)



yes in every redelivery, i am sending him that you have ordered this, and i attach the over-delivery that i added for his website…

Yes after your suggestion, i had requested CS if they can communicate with the buyer, if he is missing something in my delivery.

Waiting for their reply after that.

Finally, i mistakely clicked the Accept button, and i don’t think Fiverr Support will help me as they didn’t till now although i had proofs of works done and buyer being non responsive to my message.

I updated it on this thread: So Finally My 1 Mistake, Disappointed with Fiverr Support

Very much disappointed.

CS may take 10 days to answer regarding the Covid situation. My last request took 10 days to be answered. Stay calm and keep refusing the dispute:

  1. If you’ve done everything that was agreed when he placed the order;
  2. If your attempt to talk with the client in a positive way didn’t worked and you had an effective good communication.

Wish you the best of luck.

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Your reply is too late, my support thread was already closed as CS told they cann’t do anything and i have to sort it out via communication to the buyer ( and the buyer is not responding me).

Mistakely i today clicked on Accept button (on dispute), and may be the Buyer ( i would like to call him SCAMMER, as he finally succeed after almost 6+ disputes every next day ) also i am really dissatisfied with the CS not helping me.

Yes, i had done (i over delivered later) that was agreed on gig description.

But CS couldn’t help me.

My client haven’t single time responded to my message, he only filed dispute.

Luck was already gone with Fiverr support not helping although they had all the proofs.

Fiverr support must take some initiative so that this scammer can’t exploit Fiverr sellers.

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I’m so sorry for that. My answer came from my heart, even late. Don’t take it like a loss. I’m sure that the whole experience will help you to face future situations. Wish you all the best.

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Keep an eye on him, If he’ll use your work, reach out to customer support they’ll ask him to turn down the work or will cover you for the loss

There was no communication, it was a straight order, i delivered the order, the he began dispute again and again.

So there is nothing to learn from this activity, no one can even guess such order will turn out to be mess like this. So this is not going to help me, instead i am afraid, such people exploiting fiverr for FREE WORK. I am afraid that should i offer services in this platform, with a confusing may be i am going to be SCAMMED again. I have to put my time and money to make things work and deliver the work. If i haven’t delivered what is written on the gig description, then it’s my fault.

But in my case, i have over delivered the service to the buyer, the buyer is not responding to my message and CS can’t help me at this point.

So i am really tortured by the buyer as it was order worth $80, that is the only reason i mistakely accepted the dispute when it came today. I had written the delivery stuff and clicked on accept my mistake. As this was the 9th Dispute on same order (just verified how many times he had filed the dispute).

How can i keep an eye on such fake profile, which don’t have a single rating on any other services on Fiverr ?

CS have only 1 answer “talk with the buyer ans sort out the issue”, and i already mentioned this guy don’t want to talk as he want FREE WORK, so he keeps disputing. :frowning:

Exactly, if it is this much easy SCAMMING on fiverr, order a gig, after delivery don’t talk keep on disputing.

Fiverr Sellers will be soon in trouble just like me.

A lot of sellers have faced this problem. Specially those sellers who offer graphics design services are getting targeted by scammers. After receiving the source file the scammers just file a dispute and the order gets cancelled. :sob:

my service was related to SEO, after i delivered the result. Then i faced the issue.