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Weird Buyer - After Delivery filing Dispute over Dispute


it’s being good so far at fiverr. Until i got this buyer whom i delivered 100% with quality work.

But he is filing dispute over dispute when i cancel it.

What should i do now ?

I have spent to deliver him quallity work. But this guy after i delivered, he is not messaging nor responding to my messages. But he keeps filing dispute again and again.

How can we be safe with such SCAMMER Buyer ?

I had to call him SCAMMER because atleast he would have talked, but no he just want to file dispute.

And i repeat i have delivered him 100% for what he ordered reading my gig descriiption.

Also if the order closed on my side, i am pretty sure that he will be doing 1 star rating.

So what should be my next step ? How do you guys tackle if you get such buyer ?



They are attempting to scam you by canceling their order last minute. Contact Fiverr support, there is no other way to fix this.


Thanks for the reply,

i had already messaged to support since 2 days, but they are not responding …

Please see: Fiverr is not helping me. Client ask for refund after everything was done


Thanks imagination for your reply, i went through that.

I am still talking to customer support.

and the final thing i concluded.

The BUYER anyhow had already planned to get my service for FREE.

  1. He is not responding to my messages
  2. He appears every next day to file a dispute and nothing else response.
  3. As i came to know by support, i might get near to the delivery date resulting the extension of delivery date, please note that i had delivered the order 15 days earlier, and i am only redelivering every time as support told i need to after a dispute cancellation.

So who wins here : That SCAMMER 100%
And now i don’t have any faith that even i worked, overdelivered to please the buyer, but he keeps ignoring my messages and delivery, and FIVERR Support are also not able to help me and they keep telling me talk with the buyer (in my case he only comes online to file dispute, no single communication).

I am really fed up now :frowning:

You seem right, and even support is not helping in my case :frowning:

They want me to sort it out by communicating with the buyer.

But the buyer is not responding to my message, i overdelivered him with extra work.

But still he appears every next day and files dispute.

Decline the cancellation. Redeliver the order. Again and again and again. Stay polite.

You can say this to CS, and politely ask if they’ll reach out to the buyer for you.


even if he is a scammer , you can’t call your buyer a scammer , you might get in trouble for this…


If he has proof that the person is a scammer, of course.

I dealt with a scammer, used this word while talking with customer support, but I had proof. The person asked me to cancel, threatening me with a 1-star review if I don’t cancel, and in the end they banned themselves by doing a PayPal refund. Obviously they published my content. If that’s not a scammer…

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not a problem here… however calling your buyer a scammer might raise some questions… at least in my opinion.


will they do that, i will try to ask then, thanks for the recommendation.

I am always polite, but this case it just irritating me now, as it’s almost over a week, the game of dispute, and same answers from CS.

Will consider that, but the guy had even noted as “fake service and scammer” to me on the dispute message.

When i have done 100% work and delivered, and i became SCAMMER, then why i couldn’t i call him SCAMMER when he want my work for FREE, without any communication and filing dispute again and again.

No need to worry if that buyer is not responding to your message but only sending a cancellation request. Wait for customer support to reply and they surely help you as per the description of your message, this buyer seems to be a scammer and in such a case, sellers wins not buyer

Customer support put their hands down saying, buyer and seller need to fix the issue with talk.

and in my case the buyer is not responding to my messages and just disputing again and again.

Although i have 100% proofs that the guy is trying to scam, support is not on my side to help even with proofs.

I don’t really know what should i do, as i see both way i have loss now. Re-delivering and redelivering will take it to out of delivery date and that will effect my profile.

If i cancel accepting him, i loose the investment i made to deliver him.

And support is not able to help me :frowning:

If this is the case, soon fiverr will be full of scammers and they will order, dispute and get FREE works.

I am just an example here.

Yes, its really bad to see scammers ruining people’s business. No place for trust and loyality these days :frowning:

It happened to me 3 times during last month alone. That, combined with people that don’t read the descriptions and just place massive orders that are 2-3-5 times over my word count limit are the reason why I have a lot of cancellations every month.

May I ask what was the service / Gig you delivered? Just out of curiosity.

I don’t know if i am allowed to talk my gig / services here.

I have no faith on the terms, what are against terms and what are with terms on fiverr :(.

Just it is about seo, and getting result with seo.

After i got him result, he is trying to get the refund.

In my case or the person that wrote this thread? I am a writer myself.

I am sorry for confusion, I meant the OP.