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Weird buyer request!

This is very much weird. All of us here are designer, how can a person mention like that?


Is it polite? Of course not but they might have their reasons for that or want to be safe about communication in English language. After all it’s their choice.


Hmm - it’s shaky ground that mind.

In the UK you cannot refuse to work with a person because of where they’re from.

I imagine Fiverr has the same policy.


It’s way passed politeness, that’s racism. I’ve seen a lot of it in BR and it should be dealt with.

With that being said I can also understand why they’d say this. I personally wouldn’t work with someone that behaves this way though.


Of course choice is their but we can not show anyone down like this way. This is wrong.

But you can choose who you want to work with and there are genuine reasons why you may not want to work with someone from a particular country.

It is known in business that it can be difficult/risky working with business and service providers in some areas over others.

If you are outsourcing software development, it is increasingly the norm to outsource to Romania over places like India and some countries in Asia. This is because EU patent and copyright law offers better intellectual property protections and is easier to enforce.

There is also the issue of ‘saving face.’ In some cultures, it is perfectly normal to say you can do something even if you can’t. This is particularly common in the world of freelance.

I would say that there is no real reason to state what this buyer has in their request. However, their choice of wording may reflect a trend of former bad buying experiences which they are trying to prevent recurring.


A lot of buyer requests state, specifically, the type of people they need for certain services and while they may be perceived as racist, most are due to personal reasons.


That his/her choice. There are thousands of buyers request you can respond to even though you are limited to 10 per day.
Whenever you see such, you move on


That is not something good but still it’s his choice who to work with.

What’s wrong with this?

It’s kinda racist, but then again, it’s his choice who to buy from. You can’t push a service in his face and tell him to buy it. Maybe he had bad experiences with the people he mentioned (not like he tried all Indians and people from middle east, but whatever). Nobody that is not Indian or from Middle east should have sent an offer to this guy, just to beat him at his own game.

It’s not beating him at his own game if they do what he wanted to do. lol

Also, it’s not really racist since neither “indian” nor “middle eastern” people are a race, nationality and ethnic group, though, yes; however, it’s very prejudicial.


why he has mention this?
I rally want to know :frowning:my curious mind

And how do you call people who hate Indians and people from Middle East? Rude?

Ethnicicist would be the term for someone who hates on ethnicities. It is rude (more than rude, honestly), but racism isn’t the proper term considering neither of the groups are a race.


That’s related to superiority beliefs, not hate.

No, it’s hate as well. I’ve read books on it. Precise wording is a must as a writer, so I make it my goal to do such. :slight_smile:


Ok, maybe I’m wrong.