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Weird buyer request

Is it just me or you guys also get weird buyer requests. By weird I mean, requests that start from an unknown language like:
ogun oni pawa miofe omo fhg ooo
magun, magun, oloshi
Ayee leee ooooo…

Most of the buyer requests start from this. I need to know the reason why? Or the buyers have problem in their head?


The language is probably Yoruba - see google translate. For FHG, there’s another thread about that.

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At first glance, it would appear they are praying for the Fiverr God’s to send them a good seller. :laughing:



:joy: Oh gosh…

I suppose that’s why it’s called the BR Jungle!


They’re speaking in Simian. they want you to play the Sims with them lol.


Welcome to the jungle (buyer request), I never go there for some obvious reasons you just mentioned…

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Buyer request works for some category. It’s only when I join a new category I get massive floods of request daily.

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Yes, probably, for my niche it doesn’t really work, rare time i went there it was full of people looking for pro video editing with low budget…

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I’ve seen this, and i seriously don’t understand the logic behind it

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Quite strange that most of the buyers speak yoruba. But what I dont understand is that their only first part is like this, rest is plain normal english. Why just the first few words in the language you are saying?

I also never, but for some reason I went and saw these annoying requests. Left the page without submitting one offer even.

I did not understand what you meant.

Agree. They want a whole movie in 5 USD. I wonder from where do these people come from? :joy:

Logo design is under “graphic design / etc”… but under “business service → others”, there is also a huge demand for logo design (for some reason). I read somewhere that says that many buyers are unsure which category is “right” for their needs, so they end up posting on “others”.

What is your question? You havent mentioned the question

I have no idea what you’re saying. I was replying to the post above me. Cheers.

I think they are trying to attract certain sellers. Is like when you see a buyer request written in Spanish. The buyer might probably be trying to attract local sellers who speak spanish or simply sellers who speak spanish due to communication burrier.

Funny how I see a comment that it’s Simian and the buyer wants to play the Sims. Lol!