Weird Cancelation Request


Hello All,

I’m a little confuse: A buyer came to me Yesterday asking for brand names in less than 24h (with I always do). Makes me remember the Post about red light buyer alert.

Okay, I did two revisions and all the revisions received the same answer: “I dont like any of the names”.

When I asked before a question about the business, no answer at all. In the end, after unique great names have being created, the buyer asked for me to Cancel the deal and refund. Well, I did, but…what now?

I will keep an eye for the name results since I can see if their dot com was bought. I am almost sure it will. If does, how may I proceed?

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This is a common problem with subjective gigs - gigs where the delivered product can be good or bad based on opinion.
Your gig description should make it clear that there is no guarantee that the client will like what you deliver. Your FAQ has a question which is a little unclear about this.

If I don’t like one of the choices, should I request a revision?
No. This Gig is aimed to give you choices of names and slogans so you can choose. A revision is just needed when you don’t like none of the deliverables.

This makes it sound like the client can continue asking for new names over and over.
You should change this to make what you are prepared to do clear.
Finally, short of registering the names yourself there is nothing you can do about the client using the names you gave them.
Once again, my advice to every seller for every type of gig is:
If you do the work as described in the gig then do not cancel.
However, you may get a negative review so you need to weigh up which option is better for you.


I agreed


If this happens you can always answer the bad review so other buyers know what happened.


Thank you @eoinfinnegan!

I will do the change you said! And you are right, make it clear will really avoid this kind of problem in the future.

This was a schemer, absolutely sure! He used Fiverr to get Free names making me a fool. :frowning:

Do what right? Living and learning…

Thank you again my friend! Great sales!


Yeah, but a bad review is a bad review right? I don’t think buyers will look for the bad reviews to see what happened. They look our ranking and a few reviews at top.

But, it is an exit too for some cases. So, half agree dear @manto2112!

Thank you for helping,


Exactly, just learn from it and move on as it is not worth worrying about. Thankfully most buyers are not like this one. If you have a bad experience with a buyer or are unsure about what to do, always post on the forum as you will see that more experienced buyers will have had the same situation and can advise you on what to do.


Thank you a lot! Just changed the text on my gig as you said. :slight_smile:


Put a disclaimer in your ad, and say that any name you offer and are rejected are your copyright property and can not be used. If you find that are used you have proof from fiverr going back and fort and you will sue for copyright infringement. And to make matter worse you will let that person build their business and then slam with the law suit. I do not say that you will do it, but scare them so will not take you for granted. I hate scammers. You barely make $4 here and then they steal your ideas? Also send him an e-mail with a legal wording that because the cancellation he can not use your work as is your work and is copyrighted by US and international law. ( I am not a lawyer- but I am a business person)



It should go to the Fiverr’s Guidelines to help sellers to don’t get schemed! :sunny:


Already in use! Thank you!


Glad I could help. I will take a look later :slight_smile:


I am not a lawyer either but I am pretty sure you cannot claim a name as yours just by Fiverr documentation etc. That is why proper registration is required.
I think to enforce this, the seller would need to register the names as their own which will cost.


I’ve been schemed multiple times like that. I decided to provide licencing to protect my individual work. Though there’s no way to keep track of it but at least it gives you some legal protection.

Fiverr won’t keep track of anything as they have no such setup or service. You need to be your own protector. :slight_smile:


It’s a way to start a beautiful law sue…

You have all the proof to destroy the guy not just only with copyright processes.


It is still better to put a disclaimer like he did and protect his work. He did work to come up with that name. I even said I am not a lawyer but at least some people will avoid using his work for nothing.