Weird Cancellations



A buyer of mine mistakenly ordered my gig 6 times.We have agreed to cancel 5 of them. But my ratings and Ranking dropped on both the searches and Analytics pages.

PS: she didn’t even complete the order requirements, so technically all the orders hadn’t even started to begin with

I don’t believe it is fair that i get to pay for another else’s honest mistake.

How do i rectify this problem?


You cannot do anything in that situation. For these type of cancellation, you should have asked CS to cancel it or ask your buyer to contact CS to cancel the order. That way it won’t hurt you ratings.


How can someone mistakenly order something 6 times? Once, I’ll buy that, I made that mistake when I was new and using the credit balance from my account.

Humm, smells fishy. I won’t call them out, but someone had a buyer that made a big order and then asked to cancel just so they can have a credit balance on their 5r account.


You can ask CS if they can reset your stats but I don’t know if they can do anything after the event.