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Weird Customers Want Me To Join Outside Fiverr?

Hi there Fiverr Goers!! This is so weird, I had 3 customers in 4 days replying to my Gigs, (me super excited of course) thinking I have a customer, except it was nothing related to my Gigs (bummer) :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:. All 3 of them were telling me they were Web Developers and wanted to start a long term business with me. However, they told me they couldn’t add more info as they weren’t allowed to share that info on Fiverr.

Instead, the left me a clever link that if I were interested I should contact them??? First I thought maybe it was a prank of some of my friends, but then again I have not shared or told any of my friends about ME JOINING Fiverr and my Gigs yet. This because I want my GIGS to be smooth and ready before sharing it to the world.

So, I was wondering if more sellers here have the same problem? I don’t even want to spend my energy trying to contact these people, IT IS A WASTE OF TIME!!. Kind regards Humberto @hum_on_the_go

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Contacting them outside of Fiverr could get you banned, so no, you shouldn’t contact them. You might want to respond to their messages before marking them as spam, though, so your response rate doesn’t take a hit.

And yes, it happens to others, too, especially new sellers. It’s usually a scam (you contact them, do some work for them, they never pay you), if not something worse.


Hi there @catwriter, thank you so much for your quick response. Yes I thought of that already I answered them as ‘‘Glad you like my Gig, please feel free to make a purchase’’ :rofl::joy: Btw glad I am not the only 1 here. I hope new sellers will be aware of this and won’t get jobs done for FREE. regards Humba

Adding to what @catwriter said, I would suggest you contact CS and report these users.


All three of them were using the same line every scammer on Fiverr uses to try and get you to work for free. Just say no and move on.

Avoid any buyer who:

  • Says that if things work out, they will have lots of work for you in the long-term
  • Asks to communicate off-Fiverr
  • Asks for discount, asks to pay later, says they don’t understand how Fiverr works, or include “dear” anywhere in a message

Like @catwriter and @maitasun suggest, you should respond, but only with a polite “no” before reporting such messages.


Thank you so much @cyaxrex, I appreciate it. Regards, Humba

Cheers @maitasun, I already did :innocent:, I feelso bad now… (NOTTTT!!) :rofl::joy::partying_face: thank you so much! Humba

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Hi @hum_on_the_go, glad you did !!! :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome :wink:

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I get messages that are spam all the time. If it is not a link to a real website regarding an order, I NEVER click on it.

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Never click links at all. No reason for them to send any links. This is how they install viruses. And never fall for the old line that they want a “long term relationship” with you. Why would they? They don’t even know you or what you can do for them.

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On another freelancing platform … I had a similar experience … I in my over excitement visited the link they sent me … and It was NOTHING just an attempt to get traffic to their websites… sometimes its some plot of scammers … they want to extort money out of you… stating some project is up their sleeve you just need to deposit some gurrantees. … and BELIEVE me some of them sound v v LEGITIMATE …
They even go to the lengths of putting up fake sites to extort money from you ( v LEGIT looking sites ) … so be on your guard…

@misscrystal @silberma1976 I got a message the last night from anew buyer. he wanted to contact with me out side of fiverr. I replied that things

and reported. What do I should now?

Block and ignore that user.

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@misscrystal Thanks for your reply. I blocked him and reported. is that issue will affect my profile? when I messaged that I can’t contact with you outside of fiver… then the fiver under reviewing that. I really don’t know about it. I always try to maintain the fiverr rules.

You did exactly the right thing. Fiverr reviewed the message because it was automatically flagged for “contact you outside Fiverr” probably. You said you could NOT do it, though, so they approved your message.

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Thanks for your important information :+1: