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Weird error during edit my gig

I’m trying to edit my gig’s description but Fiverr it gives me these errors:

  • Description contains excessive use of the terms: website
  • Description should be at least 120 chars long.

I don’t know why this but I followed some topics on Fiverr Forum. They told me that i have to wait that HTML Editor loads. I have waited 20 minutes but nothing. I have tried to reload 5 times the page but nothing.

What happened? :frowning:

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Have you entered at least 120 characters into the description box? Have you reduced the amount of times the word “website” is used? Keep reducing the amount of times it’s used until that " excessive use of the terms: website" warning no longer shows. You could then try saving the changes. If it still doesn’t work, are you/have you tried using the Chrome web browser?


Yes i always use Chrome Web Browser,
Also I entered the maximum number of words allowed and still gives me an error. I removed some of them. Same mistake. The word “website!” I had inserted it before and it never gave me problems. Now give it to me? it’s the same description as before that allowed me …

They might have lowered any limit they had for the number of times the same word is used in the description or you have edited it to add it more times than before. So still lower the number of times it’s until it no longer gives that message.

Is it still giving the “at least 120 chars” error even when you’ve entered a lot more than that? If so and you’ve tried refreshing the page with ctrl f5 and waiting like it says (a few seconds should enough) and it’s still giving that error about not enough chars when you type more, you could try contacting CS with a support ticket. Maybe there could be some special character in the description that’s confusing it or something. Maybe try deleting cookies and re-trying.

don’t edit best seller gig…

What you mean? Explain yourself better. I’m new on Fiverr…
Thank you