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Weird experience!

Someone messaged me saying that he is hiring a writer for a writing agency. It is a long term deal. He would give orders in Fiverr and wants a writer to log in to the website of that particular agency to deliver the work there. The writer needs to pay him $25 for registration in that. I immediately googled about that agency and saw that the application process as a writer there is totally free of cost. As I enquired him about it, he just made up some stupid facts to prove his point. He even provided a detailed PDF regarding the job and claimed that he is the HR manager of that agency. I just stopped replying and reported the account. It is no longer available.


Scam. Move on and don’t look back.


Yes. I just reported and stopped replying.

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Ah, the old “agency” line.

I have subcontracted for agencies and it doesn’t work like that. I’m sure a lot of freelancers don’t know that, though, plus people tend to be able to convince some freelancers to pay for their costs, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this scam works on some people.

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Yeah that’s a sign of a winning agency. :joy:


Could be a lot worse. I got involved in a Pyramid scheme unwittingly recently.
An organisation called the Girl Scouts . With my daughter at the helm.
They force you to sell mediocre cookies for $5 a box
Run … Run they will infiltrate anyone you know and love to sell these,


Totally a scam. There are many of those here.


I have so many guys from Nigeria who offer me millions of dollars to help them out, on GMail.

I forgot where I left my credit card, as all they ask for is my credit card number, to make a deposit :wink:

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