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Weird Gig possibly against Fiverr TOS?

Hey guys, not sure if this is where to ask but I want to know if anyone has experienced this weird “amazon review” request that I suddenly got that seems suspiciously scammish and against TOS.

It goes like this:

  • Buyer requests you to purchase an ebook on Amazon
    -Buyer usually says they will compensate you
    -Buyer needs you to put a review on Amazon on that ebook.
    -Buyer sometimes says they have an outline for what to post.

This seems heavily suspicious, and I’ve noticed most say “You need the book to review” but you in fact do not need the book to review. What are your thoughts?

You are not allowed to offer reviews.


You can’t have gigs to write the sort of reviews that appear on sites like Amazon etc. but you can, like you have, create gigs to critique an author’s work for them (though it might be risky putting “review” in the gig title in case they think it’s an Amazon type review).


Thanks UK1000, exactly the type of answer I’m looking for.

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Services related to Reviews for amazon or ebay or another website are against TOS

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