Weird guy asking for money in inboX!


I got lots of spam sms in my inbox in last 2 years, but todays one was very different, There is a guy, send me a text and saying he is very poor and need money, and i need to help him!
I thought he might be new in this site , so i suggest to work here and no need to pay to make any account , and he can sell almost anything that he good at!
but that person was still asking money , and Keep sending text and forcing me to talk with him!
and I need to report about the person!
Very weird!

last week another guy send me a text saying he will give me a personal loan from $500 to $35 Millions! 3% interest! cummon try something new!
i know everyone get these kind of spam sms in personal mail, but here too?? seriously


No feet messages then? :wink: