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Weird Issue - Frustration at its peak

Hello all! I’m facing a very weird issue and wanted to know what my take should be on this.

I received an order. I completed the task. When I delivered it, the page crashed. I tried delivering it multiple times and same thing happened every time. I clicked on buyer’s profile and Fiverr said it was no longer available. THE ORDER IS NOW MARKED AS LATE. I now tried cancelling the order but Fiverr doesn’t cancel because the buyer is not available. I contacted customer support about 8,10 hours ago and haven’t heard from them.

What am I supposed to do now? Leave the order alone? I can’t deliver. I can’t cancel. I spent time in completing that order and now what?

Very frustrated!

CS takes 24-48 hours to respond, sometimes longer. If you don’t hear from them after 48 hours, contact the team on the twitter fiverrsupport handle. They can follow up with CS and you’ll get a fast response.

If the profile is not available you can’t deliver. Don’t waste time worrying, just be patient until you get in touch with CS. :slight_smile:

Same thing happened to me. You can’t even request cancellation! Customer services said they’re working on it, but it has taken all day. All you can do is wait for a response! I’m sure you won’t be penalized for lateness. It’s not your fault!

Update: Buyer’s profile came back online and I was able to deliver it.