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Weird message. Is it a scam?

Hey just got this message, looks kinda suspicous I wonder if it isn’t a scam. I am small seller at fiverr so its highly possible that its a scam, but I’m asking to get sure. Also this guy has a lot of reviews and many of them are from the one guy.

It goes like this:
Hi Matthew We hope you are safe from the Coronavirus. This difficult time around the world affecting all jobs and economies. Good News = We have an opportunity for a professional editor to do full time work for my boss who is a motivational speaker. His name is Kevin Abdulrahman and he interviews high achievers on this new podcast. We have some video podcast episodes of our motivational speaker Kevin Abdulrahman that we want to be professionally edited to a high quality. Each episode, is on average 2 hours (please understand the scope of work, your own skills, and how much time/attention you can give this) You will be provided with final footage. What is required of you will be A. Framing: We are using one camera only so you will need to frame in and out of host and guest professionally and well. B. Audio correction + Color grading required. C. Add animated text graphics of important points being made during the conversation. D. With each edited and completed episode, we also require 15 social media consumable clips. Sample will be provided (like Gary Vee style). We have a theme and sample, you need to copy all elements and use it exactly. Delivery requirement = One high quality edited episode (including 15 social media clips) delivered every 72 hours. Please confirm the following A. Speak, understand write English well (it’s needed for the editing)? B. Have the time & focus to match our daily delivery expectation? C. Have a powerful computer to render/export with no issues? D. Have Strong internet to upload the large files to G-drive for us? Budget = $60 per episode Bonus/Tip = Upon completion of every 10 episodes on schedule (i.e 10 videos in 30 days), there will be an extra bonus of $200 paid on top. This means, it will be USD $600 for ten videos, and an extra $200 on top as a bonus = $800. Project Duration = Long Term Let us know if it is something you can do? Maybe even for just 5 or 10 episodes (not necessarily the whole thing) If not, is there anyone you recommend who has the skill and wants to make some good income? Thanks Dom

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Doesn’t sound like a scam to me, but it also doesn’t seem worth the effort for that price. That takes a lot of work, if you want it to be quality.


Okay, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is… I always follow my gut, if it tells me it’s a scam, I just split.


It doesn’t look like a scam but what he is going to pay you is really peanuts.

Never take into account all “bonuses” that they promise and just charge what you would’ve charged for editing 2 hours video which will take enormous amount of time and your working hours/days so is it worth of 60$ per video?


My reading is that it’s not a scam. HOWEVER…

The pay is terrible for the amount of work required.

Also, remember you’re going to lose 20% in commission. And, as a non-US seller (like me) you are also going to lose more money in $ exchange rate / transfer fees.

It’s a personal thing, but this job sounds like trouble. My gut instinct says this client will be taking up a lot of your time.