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Weird message .....need suggestions

Hi, I’m a new seller, and I just got my first message from a guy. I ask what can I help you with today, and that guy ask if I specifically only do that gig, and then the whole conversation went weird. He ask me where I am in Au, then he said he been to Au for events during COVID, and he said I have his book. …I try to ask him if he had any questions I can help him with regarding my posted gig. Are this normal? Or is it weird? What should I do?


This is a weird conversation so report it and block the guy.

Do you have order with him ?
Did he shared his requirements with you ?
There is nothing weird in that conversations as far as he don’t ask you for your personal information, like number address, email or anything…

I usually have this kind of friendly conversation with most of my buyer and that makes you trust each other well…

But if you think you dont want to answer any of his questions that is not directly connected to your gig you can just keep ignoring the other questions and stick to your gig related conversation !


It does sound a bit “too friendly” but nothing out of the ordinary.

I’ve had Buyers contact me and ask me questions about my Gigs over the course of weeks/months and sometimes it generates an order, sometimes not.

Maybe this Buyer is just trying to make sure you are legitimate.

EDIT: I should add, if it gets a bit on the creepy side, block and report.

Being as you are a female, you have to still be careful online even on Fiverr.


I’d be cautious even though these questions aren’t screaming creep. We all have our own comfort zones when it comes to friendly chat with buyers. I really enjoy to have a bit of banter with clients but as soon as it gets to questions about where I am, where I go, etc, I’m out.

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Like he know which country I from from my profile that’s fine, but he did ask where exactly in the country, and the next time he came here hope we can meet and corroborate.

Thank guys. Still new at this, thx for the support

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That is approaching “creep town” or “stalker city” levels of wanting personal information.


Bringing that up, I would block him. Contact outside of Fiverr even online is not allowed, and he has not even taken an order from you yet, so why would he want to invest in traveling to another country just to collaborate?

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Screams odd to me. Where in Oz is fine within a broader conversation BUT seeing he talked about meeting up and has not wanted to talk about what work (if any) he wats done I smell the sink of a creepyman.

Block, report, whatever you feel appropriate as this seems like nothing but a time waster - or worse. Give him nothing if he can’t/wont tell you what work you can do for him.


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