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Weird message. SCAM?


Hey, just received a weird message, maybe you guys can help me to understand is this a kind of scam or something? Account from US.

Blockquote Hello, Mr. [MY REAL SURNAME, NOT SURE HOW THEY KNOW]. we would love to use your services in the future for an upcoming video. However, before we do that we would like to ask a few questions regarding a clip you’ve made in the past. Payment is an option. D&S Law


That’s weird. I’d simply use the new and amazing block feature.


I suspect that the person searched for your Fiverr username via Google and easily found your last name on YT. Since the videos might attract people with varied interests, the request probably isn’t suitable for Fiverr even if it’s not a scam. I would report the user to Support since they mentioned payment in a strange way and signed with the word “law” in it.


I agree with fonthaunt. I also would block them from messaging me again.