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Weird messages that I’m being receiving from buyers

  1. A client contacted me with exactly the same message using different accounts and he assumed that he had two accounts. Sometimes he writes in one language, sometimes in another and use both accounts to ask the same inquiries.

  2. Another one, using a very new account, asked me a quotation and sent me one of my samples renamed as a reference demo (I had never spoken to him before ). Then, after he placed the first order and after I analyse his behaviour during the process I realised that most probably he was someone that I blocked previously for a disrespectful behavior to my work.

  3. Other client asked me a quotation and discussed all the details using one account and he came back to me a few days later, using other account to place the order, accordingly to what we had discussed prior, assuming that he was using other account as well.

So, I’m wondering… If accordingly to TOS users cannot have more than one account why this is happening recently in such a short period of time? Is this happening to you too or I’m the only lucky one?


This is not limited to being a recent phenomenon. Unfortunately, there are many users who violate the rules and have/create multiple accounts to bypass bans, suspensions, and blocks.

If you ever do run into more of these types, report them for having multiple accounts, but even that is not responded to many times…


I never had situations like this with buyers. I know from the forums that sometimes sellers do that, but buyers… I had no idea. What I don’t understand is: what’s the point? Trying to get the best price using different accounts? The most strange one to me is the person who was blocked for being disrespectful to my work and creates another account to place an order and do the same thing… I mean, that buyer will only buy from me once, no matter the number of accounts he creates.

The last episode was last week and, meanwhile, the buyer sent me other messages, but only from one of the accounts. Should I report it? Thanks in advance.

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Not everyone is rational or sane. There are buyers who become obsessive or vindictive if they feel a seller has slighted them in some way, and focus an inordinate amount of time and effort in an attempt to harm the seller in any way possible.

I don’t think there is a time limit for reporting ToS violating actions.


In this case the person simply place $10 orders and demand an amount of work that costs much more, every single time. And every single time, I refuse and inform what is the extra cost or offer a cancelation.

Thank you so much.

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