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Weird messages?

Hi! I’ve been using Fiverr for a little while now and I trust the site. But recently I’ve been getting some strange messages that Fiverr says I may not respond to nor read. I can only read the previews. Typed word for word, one of the messages that I have gotten from 3 different people says, “Label hoihsdfois hsaf isahf ashdiajs doija sidoj asoidj oiasj doiasj…” and thats just the preview. Does anyone know what these messages mean? Or is it just a bot? Similar experiences? Let me know !! :slight_smile:


I’ve gotten the same thing from 5 of the 6 people that has messaged me and I’m not sure what it means either.

I don’t know what these messages mean or whether they come from bots. I do know the best course of action is to mark them as spam and block the user.

I experienced the same thing! I got a guy in my inbox acting kinda shady so I turned him down, next thing I know, I looked in my inbox again, and It was that exact same gibberish. Creepy.

Hi! The same thing happened to me, in my case I was contacted for a job as a virtual assistant, it was a fraud. It asked me to send an email to *************, I didn’t do it, I sent them an offer to start working and that’s when I got that strange message. Then I got a message from Fiverr saying that I couldn’t talk to this user anymore, they blocked him, so I did the same.
Be careful :slight_smile:

The name in the Email is 2020 Jimmy Yaji.