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Weird Negative Review

A buyer ordered a singing gig from me. We communicated, I completed and delivered it, yada yada.

After delivery, he said it sounds very good but asked for an extra harmony (which I should have charged extra for, but I left it because it took 5 minutes to do and I’m too nice sometimes), and afterwards the last message he left said "This is great"

However, he never accepted the order and it was automatically marked as completed after 3 days. Another few days later, he finally leaves a 2.7 star review!:

Communication: 5 stars
Service as described: 1 star
Would recommend: 2 stars
Comment: “the audio quality was really poor”

I am extremely confused (and pretty irritated by this). He leaves a poor review and comments that it’s poor quality after saying multiple times after delivery that it was great?? I played the job to a few people for opinions and they all agree that there is no problem at all, and it sound beyond fine. Almost all my other 5* reviews even commend my audio quality.

Could I get some opinions and advice please? This makes absolutely no sense to the point where I believe the review was meant for another service. Thanks in advance!


I’m sorry about this. Yes at one point every seller on this site will get an unfair review. I had someone post a review saying that I do my readings on a software? Like what? Lol
There’s not much you can do about it. Just gotta keep pushing and move on. Eventually that negative feedback will be buried.


Surely you can get :wink:

To leave a poor review is a property of buyer and he can do what he want and you can do nothing there :innocent:

Even all world say the job is well done! No matter if buyer is not agree with quality because buyer has paid for the service not other people paid :roll_eyes:

Where you did best you got there best response ( feedback) from other buyers
Honestly what he felt he described read below

He adopted the reality of good communication as you mentioned above

may be but i’m unsure

At least he he recommended what he wanted or felt.

Just listen please.
He paid for a service and if he is not satisfied then he have just one ball to play in ground that he can play and he played and unquestionably you have to face this ball hit and you can’t roll eyes from the reality :roll_eyes:
I know and i can guess you frustration but keep assure we are all helpless here and most time we have also face to this type buyers who are not happy with home lives :laughing:
But the best thing that you can do is only to forget it and move forward.
Before delivering the order you can ask the buyer if he is happy to your service or not and if he is not happy then offer him for more some free work and definitely he will feel good and will give you nice and best feedback.
Good Luck!
Kind Regards,

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Thank you. It’s strange because he confirmed by himself that he was happy with it before accepting, but I’ll keep all your advice in mind for the future! :slight_smile:


But remember never ask or inquire about feedback or review to buyer it is against fiverr terms of services and you will get only your banned account :wink:
But you can ask in a manner Are you happy with my service? and how i can assist you more. blah blah :blush:

Maybe he listened to the version before accepting on a different device and maybe he listed using Fiverr’s preview. Maybe the buyer then downloaded the file onto another device and used a different player and it sounded different on that other device with the settings he used - which might not have been optimum or what it was being played back on might not have been.

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Does sound like a weird situation, unfortunately since we can not share our concerns about negative feedback with buyers and CS there’s nothing you can do but move on.

I am looking at the user… that left you that review , I am not an expert but it seems that he is offering similar services as you are … that’s very strange unless he needed a female voice


So if it’s a competiting seller (also a vocalist) could this from the TOS apply?:

Users with the intention to defame competing Sellers by ordering from competing services will have their reviews removed or further account status related actions determined by review by our Trust & Safety team


Oh shoot that’s really interesting

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