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Weird Order Cancelation


Last month I finished two orders from the same buyer. Everything went fine, I delivered both on time and they were then considered finished. All like the usual.
And then all of a sudden I got two e-mails today regarding those two orders being canceled. One of the e-mails stated that the buyer cancelled the order because I missed my delivery date.

What joke is this? Let me repeat that these two orders were from last month! The beginning of February. And they were both completed orders.

The buyer never complained to me nor did they ask to cancel anything. As a matter of fact, I can’t open their profile now. And when I searched their name in my inbox, nothing came up. I had to open our conversation through the “view history” link. And it says the buyer was last seen 1 week ago and can no longer be contacted.

I’m just wondering what’s going on and why Fiverr is blaming this cancellation on late delivery.


Yep, I had the same cancellation recently.
And that’s a chargeback through the bank. Which is totally rediculous. By the way my ticket with CS is still open for more than a month now and still no actions taken even though I have all screenshots that order was delivered on time.


Uh-oh. Something is up and Fiverr doesn’t even care to explain? Does this mean the buyer gets to keep our delivered product since they already accepted the delivery? And now they also get to keep their money from a refund while blaming it on our tardiness (which was never the case in the first place)? That’s like cheating the system.

I really hope you get a response soon. I also opened a ticket for this.


It’s unfortunate that fiverr hasn’t taken strict action with regard to such cases yet :neutral_face:


Sounds very much like that :wink:

Person is still using my delivery and I guess they already got their money back because with PayPal charges all disputes should be answered within 7-10 days which passed a long time ago. And fiverr is not giving any details if they even tried to reply on their dispute. They gave me a short update few days ago that they are still looking at this issue.


That’s exactly what it is, unfortunately.


That’s very disappointing :fearful:


CS tells me that the notice that an order was delivered late is just a form notice and it does not actually mean it was late.

Right now the status of Paypal chargebacks is unknown. Hopefully someone else will report in about their experience recently with a chargeback they asked customer support about.