Weird Order Cancellation - Be careful sellers!


Just had an order cancelled that was delivered by me more than 1 month ago! The client gave me 5 star review and today I received this message saying that he cancelled an order that was completed, paid and rated a long time ago… what’s happening here??

Now my balance is negative (-14€) which means that they took the money out from me, even though I provided the service and I try to find the user and it sayd the the user does no longer exist. His page is no longer available…

Can someone help me here?


It sounds like it was a PayPal Chargeback. :confused: There is no recourse for you I am afraid. :frowning: Fiverr lost their 20% too. If you search for your buyer you will find Fiverr more than likely has banned them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


But even if the user was banned, he already paid for the service, it makes no sense for him to be banned and win the money! Otherwise people benefit from being banned because they keep the money and receive the service.
And it even affected my order completion rate, it was 100% so far


Contact support and they will make sure it does not affect your ratings


thank you! Will do so!


Yes, but if he did a PayPal chargeback, your buyer gets their money back. :moneybag:

Do you think it would be better if PayPal gave them their money back and they did not get banned? :thinking:

Yes, they do benefit. However, at least they cannot do the same thing to another seller. (Well, unless they create another account, which they are not supposed to be able to do.)


So if someone manages to create different accounts, they will be able to get free expensive services and then be banned on purpose to get their money back, this is an unfair system. People always can get a way to create new accounts, be it from a different IP, a different device or whatever.

This does not make sense to me…


It makes no sense to any of us either. You cannot purchase a $5,000 TV and then charge-back, but fiverr will not close this loophole with PayPal. It is a real shame, especially since they lose money too.


Exactly, this makes it a huge risk to have really expensive services out there. Imagine that I have a service that takes me 1 month of hard work. Then someone does this outrageous trick to get banned and cancel the order and we, as the ones who worked hard and invested a lot of time, not only lose the money (that, in my case, I already spent) but also gave a free service to them…

This is completely unacceptable!


This is extremely sad and really not acceptable! I am so sorry this happened to you! Must be very frustrating! This has got to get fixed!


Thank you for your kind words Alex… Just received a message from the support team saying that when this happens, Fiverr also does not get paid… But this can’t happen, period! Otherwise how can i know that one month form now, the money I received is guaranteed?

There has to be a way for sellers to be protected from this loophole! And my order completion rate was 100%, it is not anymore and this affected my gig rankings… Which is, once again, not acceptable since my order completion rate is still 100%…


Some time ago, the same thing happened to me :frowning:


Sorry to hear that, this is really sad…