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Weird Profile Bug

I am available to work but my Fiverr profile says I am unavailable until Dec 31 2020. Fiverr says they have removed the banner but it is still as it is appearing. My gig performance stats have gone all time low.

Link to my profile: here.



Please change


Check the date first. It says I am unavailable until Dec 31, 2020. The date has already passed. Why Fiverr is sending me back in 2020?

2 weeks ago, I had already received the notification that my gigs have been unpaused.

Just reply to CS ticket (not open new one) with screenshot. Plus tell them this affected your gig search status so thy need to fix that too.


It’s showing that unavalable when I click on that profile link so it does seem to be a bug (or caching issue on their server?), but not when I view the profile without the “up_rollout=true” bit.


I had already made them aware but received a response that the banner has been removed. It’s still appearing as it is.

cs created technical ticket

Latest response!!
cs says banner removed

Then just reply again: Can you please double check it again because the banner is still there and my gigs are not visible. screenshot with date visible

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I don’t think it will be resolved; just like one of my ticket that I created 2 months ago was marked as solved although the issue is still as it is.

My active sales in the analytics section at present still displays “-100”. Now this banner will stick with my profile forever. :disappointed:

active sales neg 100

Talk to about your problem support

Sorry, I couldn’t get. What are you trying to say?

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Ignore or flag him, those who do not read topic replies and just post random nonsense should just be flagged.

Try to be calm and refresh ticket by responding. Send screenshots. Be persistent but polite.

Share image on their Twitter.

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I visited your profile, Unavailable notification message not showing on your profile.

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Please read above reply.

@digitalavinash Fiverr automatically adds “up_rollout=true” after the user’s (username).

Yes, strange. if I click on your profile it doesnt show the warning. Only with the rollout extension

From what link? Are you using a PC or mobile? When I view the profile after clicking the link from above your gig in the search results it doesn’t add it when your profile is shown then. Also if I click your gig then the link to your profile from the gig page in a logged out Firefox it doesn’t add it then. If I click your profile link from the gig search results in a logged in Chrome it also doesn’t add it and it doesn’t show the “out of office” message, though it does add other things on the end of the URL.

Case Sent for review again!!

case sent for review again

I hope it will be resolved soon. :crossed_fingers:

Yes, I am using PC.

When I logged-in to Fiverr via website, and I click on my profile: it display “up_rollout=true” at the end in the url.

Your profile link appears normal? I mean without that weird “up_rollout=true” ?

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Yes you’re right, when I’m logged in and click on my profile icon it adds “?up_rollout=true” to the end of the URL when it shows my profile, but when other users find your profile through the search page or through one of your gigs, surely it won’t add that to the end of your profile URL when they see it.

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The fact is that the banner is displayed by the Fiverr system.

Let me surprise you as well!! (see attached)


It’s surely a major bug on the system and it needs to be addressed.