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Weird Profile Bug

It doesn’t show that to me from logged in Chrome though when I click on the profile after it adds “up_rollout=true” to it, but it does show that on my profile if I click on that specific URL with a logged out Firefox.

Though users will never see that normally as they will never be given a link to my profile with “up_rollout=true” on the end. It won’t get added through the search page or through the gig page.

But that was probably the end date of the last time I was out of office. :slight_smile: But it is a bug you’re right. Just not one buyers will normally see if they use the existing links from gig pages etc.

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@marinapomorac You are lucky. You don’t have such a bug on your profile even if “up_rollout=true” is added. :clap:

I’m not sure whether the bug will be affecting stats though. I still found one of your gigs though the search engine. Going out of office might have affected stats - ie. the gigs will get removed as soon as you’re out of office and might take a while to increase in rank once you’re back. I think people have suggested not going out of office because it can have a bad effect on rank even once you’re available again.

@vickiespencer Sorry to tag you here!! Is it the same bug that we are discussing about?

It is a bug 100%. I just randomly used some sellers and added up_rollout=true after their name and ooo appeared.

But not to me.

It is only for sellers that used ooo.


I agree it’s a bug but buyers won’t see it (other than on their own profile) unless they are given a link by someone that has “up_rollout=true” in it or they manually add it themselves. Through the normal buying process surely there is no way they’ll see it. Aren’t all the links from gig pages without that and doesn’t it not get added by default when you view someone else’s profile?

eg. if a seller puts a link with “up_rollout=true” in their forum profile (as some have) or other website link then yes it will show that way to any buyer that follows that link, but otherwise (if they browsed the site for that seller/their gigs) it shouldn’t get shown as far as I know.

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Relevant team is working on this bug and it will be fixed soon!! :slightly_smiling_face:
team is working

@uk1000 If mine is resolved, please do check yours as well.


While we wait let’s deviate: I just got this:

now I am going to see how many will open new topic about this.

I BET 50$ someone is going to post reply on this topic soon Subscription Feature


Subscription Model. (Interesting :thinking: )

Expecting great experiences, not great subscriptions

Consumers do not have an inherent love of subscriptions. If anything, the requirement to sign up for a recurring one dampens demand and makes it harder to acquire customers. Rather, they want a great end-to-end experience and are willing to subscribe only where automated purchasing gives them tangible benefits, such as lower costs or increased personalization.

Source: McKinsey analysis


@wp_kid Hello.

This bug is happening and it is affecting your account too so maybe coming from you to CS will speed up the process of bug recognition:


OMG, I didn’t see it’s comming, thanks for heads up. Can you please receck now if you see vacation mode is still there? (I just edit my profile description a bit & saved.)

@wp_kid No still there, just go to link with rollout extension

Currently I don’t have this bug but yesterday suddenly while I was delivering a order Fiverr showed “fiverr account no longer active” in blue bar with white font and gave me a heart attack suddenly refreshed and it was gone I think Fiverr has couple of bugs on their website and also in mobile application.

This is old BUG happens for years, nothing new. You should search for that topics in forum and post there.

I do understand it’s happening for years but it’s frustrating when we get message delays in Fiverr mobile app

So reply on that topic not on this bug topic.

I only read your OP, so forgive me if I am repeating anything. I contacted CS because a Fiverr Forum friend contacted me to say he was looking at my profile and found that I appeared to be OOO even though he could contact me and order from me if he had wanted to.

So, I contacted CS. They told me to clear my history and my cache. I did that. But my friends still could see the message while they were on their PCs. But when they were on their phone app, they did not see the message.

I contacted CS again. This time they said to put myself OOO for 24 hours, and it should self-correct. I am still waiting to see if that works.

@wp_kid I see no OOO on your profile and you are online.


The error happens only if the ?up_rollout=true is in the link.


Well, I see I have that!

But CS telling you to do the cache and

when this is a global problem, not just a couple of users, it is a bug affecting multiple accounts. They should issue warnings and instructions not wait for them to be swamped with CS tickets.