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Weird Request, Compete for Project?

Never had this happen before and wondering if it is allowed…

A buyer contacted me and told me that he contacted 10 freelancers on Fiverr to effectively compete for a project. We were to give would be given a small test project with instructions (we should give him a cost for the assignment) and he would pick the one he liked best. Then he would hire that person for his real project.

Is this sort of thing allowed? He was not requesting free work and I was happy to see that. However, I never had this happen before.

I have declined as I am fully booked but just wanted some opinions on this.

What do you all think?


It happened to me once.

I declined.

I’d rather work on guaranteed projects than have to go through a “prove you’re worthy” phase.

But that’s me.


I feel the same. I did decline as I do not have time to try out for something. I know I do good work. :slight_smile:

It’s allowed but it’s not professional at all, I see this almost as an insult, bold one to say that…

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So the buyer wants to do a paid-for, pro-bono, test-project to confirm whether it’s the perfect fit? I don’t see anything wrong with that – as long as the buyer is clear that they’ll have to pay even if they don’t like it.

It’s quite common to test multiple professionals for big projects.


What I would worry about, is that I have read a few times in the forum where the buyer did place an order for this “test” they want the seller to pass - and, when the buyer decided who was best, went and cancelled all the orders with the other sellers who did not pass the test or who came up short to the one seller they picked.

I too, would not be lured by someone wanting me to compete with other sellers - either you want my service or you don’t.

I think you dodged a bullet here!


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