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Weird search results


Hi, for basically any keyword there are many pages of results, but for very popular keyword “backlinks”, there are only 3 pages of results. Why is that happening? Why most of the gigs are removed from there?


Seems odd.
Try searching Backlinks and then use the Refine Results options on the left - select SEO and you will see lots more results.


Results are not filtered in any way, do you also see 3 pages of results?


“backlink” shows more than 10 pages. “backlinks” shows only 3 pages


I have also seen a lot less results showing sometimes, but using the filter settings makes all results show up.


WEIRD (again), when i just type “backlinks” there are 3 pages, when after that i select the SEO category under “Refine Results” it works correctly, so it feels like a bug, it smells like a bug, it looks like a bug, i guess it must be a bug :blush: