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Weird stuff in my account

I am having a lot of issues in my kgrimel account, it has been disabled, while I was setting my paypal. I post a request in customer support and it was solved without any response, and now i cannot even make business…this is a complete scam


You’re only allowed to have one Fiverr account…


so, if the account is blocked because of 1% of rating by a non-grateful customer, how can I do more business?

I already did what I was supposed to do to share my profile in social media…but this is not working, I have been working for free for many projects I was supposed to earn money…

Well, you’ve still got the carolgj84 account.

If you ask CS, you can delete this one and start with a fresh account.

Might be better to edit your previous post by the way. :wink:


what about the sale I did with the other account? I haven’t been paid yet, and it was delivered correctly

You’ll need to ask CS - usually it’s 90 days and you’ll get any outstanding money back then.

I’m sure with your experience in branding and marketing you’ll be able to drum up more business then the rest of us put together! :sunny:


very very very disappointed…

What you could have done was to close this account with help from CS and open a new one, so you only had one account at a time - would have saved a lot of problems for you.


yes please I need the account to be closed, thanks

You can do that from within your account yourself.

If you want to start another account in the future though, it might be better to have a chat to CS and ask them to help you. Grovelling a lot and saying sorry a few times to them might help too! :slightly_smiling_face:

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