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Weird thing happened

My question to experts is that when one of the gigs was working well and suddenly thrown to the last pages. What changes can be efficient to put that gig back to the front page?


There are no guarantees that you will get orders here on Fiverr, or that your gigs will show up where you want them to in the search results. If you want to improve your performance, and convince more people in your target market to hire you, and then deliver top-quality work that earns positive reviews. You can only improve you changes… there are NO GUARANTEES that your gig will be on the first page.


I am newbie and got 18 positive reviews in 2 days then my gig disappeared from search results.

It doesn’t matter how many positive reviews you have. Your gig will show up in the search results under the same rules/algorithm everyone else experiences. You are not entitled to remain where you want in the search results, just because you want to be there. And yes, your gig is likely still in the search results. Try doing a few filtered searches, and I bet you’ll find your gigs.

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New sellers get a little bit of a visibility boost to get their gigs going, and it sounds like you rode the wave for quite a while, well done!

It can be alarming when our gigs suddenly stop getting traffic. I’m guessing based on your username that you’re selling a design related product, which is among the most competitive category on Fiverr. Unfortunately all you can do is keep improving your craft, making sure you’re selling something that competes with others in your category, and knock the orders you do get out of the park. It’s a lot of luck in this work, so make sure when you do get an order you smash it :slight_smile:

Edited since viewing your profile: it appears you’ve been on Fiverr for a long time and have completed hundreds of orders. What do you mean you’re a newbie? Did you buy this account? :sweat_smile:

Since you’ve completed so many orders, you should be experienced in times where sales dip and then come back.

I saw that a couple buyers said that communicating with you was difficult. I would recommend being honest in your description about what languages you speak with complete fluency, just so that sellers know exactly what to expect when ordering :slight_smile: